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How to Understand the Unexplainable

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

An Unexplainable Personal Story

One night as I was having a bunch of crazy dreams, I saw in a night vision a man with a long draped coat, no hat, just standing in my bedroom doorway. He didn't seem as if he was trying to hurt me but that he wanted help. I awoke up out of my dream, convinced that the vision was real and that there must have been a presence actually standing in my doorway, but why? I could always sense spirits and have always thought they were trying to communicate. Is this a gift and if it is, what am I supposed to do with it?

Prior to that night, I had an incident in my apartment where I sensed an evil spirit. It was late, probably around 10:30 ish and I just finished my school work. As soon as I entered my bedroom I grew very afraid. So terrified I turned on all lights in my room and tried my best to calm down. Finally, I fell asleep but only for 30 minutes to 1-hour increments. While I was sleeping I would have terrible dreams only to awake to what felt like someone sitting on my bed. Additionally, I could hear footsteps in my bedroom like someone was walking around and it sounded like someone was typing on my keyboard in the living room of my apartment.

Trying to Understand the Unexplainable

Why are Things Left Unexplained?

Because there is so much that we still have yet to learn about the world and how it works, there will always be things that we see and experience that will be left unexplained. This can be scary, but isn't everything we don't understand scary? When we don't know what's going to happen or when we don't understand something, we tend to think that it will harm us. We are full of anxiety and fear because we don't know and don't understand.

If we are completely open-minded, we can believe that there are aspects and dimensions of our world that we can't explain because it is immeasurable with human measurements. Jesus tried to explain the spiritual world through parables to help the disciples understand. Even these simple explanations were hard to understand by the disciples because it was explaining a world they were not accustom to.

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The Unexplainable Times

1. When we are alone. 

It seems like these types of things always happen when we are alone. No one is around to witness the unexplained so we are left trying to convince other's that what we experienced really happened and that what we went through was real. For most of us, we never have a camera or tape recorder when we need one so it's really hard to make others believe in what we are saying as true.

2. When we are already afraid.

Sometimes when we are already afraid, whether we want to admit it or not, we tend to exaggerate reality. Every sudden movement or noise confirms what we feared most: the unexplained. Fear causes us to react with either a flight or fight response. 

The flight response, when stimulated by outside occurrences that we interpret as what we are fearing, causes us to remove ourselves from the situation. We don't care what the logical explanation is and we don't stay to find out. Our thoughts combined with sudden surprises in our environment requires us to think fast and our body tells us to move out of the way.

The fight response causes us to push back. If our environment is threatening we do things that protect us from being harmed. Turning on the lights helps us to see what's around us, and better react. Keeping our eyes open and looking around helps us to catch sudden movement. We're not leaving, but whatever is out there isn't going to go quietly either.

3. When we are in an unknown place. 

This seems like common sense but doesn't easily feel that way when you're going through it. When you are in place that you have never been before, you don't know what to expect. What is considered "norm" is unknown. So everything is scary, everything is unexpected. 

4. When we haven't taken care of ourselves.

Surprisingly, lack of nourishment like food and water can cause us to see, hear and experience things that we wouldn't normally experience had we taken better care of ourselves in the first place. We can become delusional and everything is exaggerated.

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Those Who Find Themselves Experiencing the Unexplained

People who just believe.

Our minds are powerful organisms. Whether you believe it or not, what you think can manifest itself if you think about it and believe it long enough. You can see aliens, ghosts, and all kinds of things if you imagine that they are there. This is not to say that what you are seeing isn't real but also be open to the possibility that you might be imagining it as well.

People who like attention. 

Yes, I'm adding you here. Because attention is what you crave. These people like to make up stories that never really happened. Not because their afraid, not because they really experienced it, all to cause you to give them more of your undivided focus and concern.

Everybody else.

All of us experience situations in our lives that we don't understand and can't explain. These type of incidents are not isolated to certain individuals, they happen without judgment to everyone. Each of us react differently to the unknown. Some of us are logical and tend to find reasonable explanations to the unknown while others are mystified and like to believe that ghost and yeti really exist and choose to attach blame to them. But who's right? And if we can't find a scientific explanation, is that really enough supportive evidence for an alien encounter?

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How to Understand Something You Don't Understand

There are 4 practical steps that you can take to help you to make sense of the unexplainable.

1. Be open-minded.

As much as you may want a tangible, scientific answer, there simply might not be one and you have to be o.k. with this. Even if there are other's out there who have experienced what you have experienced, this might be all that you have to go on. The world is complex and we haven't learned everything there is to know about it. Some questions will go unanswered.

2. Research.

Online search engines such as Google and Bing are great for searching through millions of articles, blogs, comments, threads and social media posts that other people have written. Search for articles that others have written that may have gone through what you have experienced. Find similarities. What is the explanation of these events? Are there any scientific studies on this topic? Be sure to check references and evaluate the credentials of those who are speaking online. Are they professionals who have a background on this topic or are they just crazy?

3. Ask yourself some questions.

Ask yourself if anything has changed. Start with the practical. Have you changed your eating habits? Has your sleeping habits changed? Are you stressed? How are you medically? Then, ask yourself questions around specific locations and objects. Have you purchased anything new recently? Where were you when you noticed this happening, is this normally where you go and at this time? Finding similarities may help you better understand what happened. If what you experienced isn't normal, a recent change in your environment might explain it.

4. Be observant. 

Scientifically, a theory isn't sound unless it can be replicated. If you do the same thing again and at the same time, will you have the same experience? Being observant means trying to be objective. You may want to believe that something unexplainable happened but is an explanation possible? Is there any way to explain what happened other than, there was a ghost in the apartment? Maybe there's a draft coming from the window. Try to be open to other possibilities.

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When I did some research I found out that the military uses ultrasonic sound to fight in wars and that the sound at certain pitches can be deadly. Some reported online experiencing paranormal activity in areas where ultrasound was being used. On another site; however, a blogger reported that ultrasound can cause your hair to stand on end and feel frightened as if there is a spiritual presence in the room.

Before the experience in my apartment, I purchased some ultrasonic repellent. Every night before I went to sleep I could hear mice or rats digging and moving around in the walls and I wasn't sure what to do about it. After I purchased the repellent it fixed the problem after a few weeks. At the time when purchased it, I didn't follow the directions. The directions said to use one plug-in per room and I used at least two in each room. This could explain why I felt frightened and why I felt there was a presence in my apartment. 

I concluded that the footsteps I heard was an after-effect of the floor in my apartment.The footsteps could only be heard in my apartment when my neighbor was walking around in his apartment next door. Additionally, when the air is on, it sounds like someone is typing at my computer when the blinds are moving. These were simple observations.

All these things explain some things, but not all things. Like feeling like someone is siting on my bed and the vision of the man standing in my bedroom doorway. The vision was in a dream that woke me, so I didn't actually see the man, it was more of a dream.

Overall, I learned that sometimes, unexplainable things can be explained.

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