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One Simple Way to Improve Your Life

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

Not How He Imagined

Five years ago, Brandon graduated from an ivy league school for Business Administration. Shortly after graduation he was hired as a manager for a small local company. Not too long after the company had financial issues and had to downsize and decided to let all the new managers go including Brendon. 

Brendon was depressed. Now that he had lost his job and wasn't really sure what he was going to do for income. He had no savings but a small 401K retirement account that he started with the company that only accumulated $5K. He was also in a relationship with Brenda who felt she was entitled to the best things in life and always insisted that they go out to the finest restaurants and that he buy her gifts all the time. She always put a strain on his finances.

This is not how Brendon imaged his life. He was slightly overweight and felt like he really didn't accomplish much of anything after graduation. Each day he seemed to be just doing enough to get by. He lived in a small apartment in the city, drove a used vehicle every day to work and didn't do much on the weekends unless his girlfriend wanted to go shopping. Most of his friends were married and they didn't go out as much anymore. Brendon felt trapped. 

So You Think Your Life Sucks...

Four (4) Causes of a Disappointed Life

1. Having unrealistic views of life. 

Thinking that the stars should align and that every goal should magically fall into place leaves us to feel like we have lost at life. Things don't just happen, we know that, but for some reason we put ourselves in a category that has us to believe that things will miraculously occur to us and no one else.

2. Having unrealistic deadlines.

High achievers that have high expectations for themselves tend to have deadlines on when they think certain things should begin to happen. Comparing ourselves to others we tend to think that what others have achieved we should also achieve, otherwise we are behind.

3. Having no plan. 

There's nothing wrong with having high expectations but when we expect things without a plan we will always find ourselves disappointed. Plans don't just happen, they have to be worked. No one who every achieved anything never said they didn't have a plan.

4. Fear of failure.

For some of us, we have goals but don't work on them because we are afraid that we don't have what it takes to achieve them. It's easier to have a dream and think you could've done it then to have a dream, try to achieve it and couldn't. For some of us, that's depressing, and so we don't even try, leaving us to a life disappointed.

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How A Disappointed Life Evolves

Losing sight of our aspirations happens when we get so caught up in the needs of others, rather than focusing on our own. There is always someone else that needs us or something else that needs our attention. Life gets in the way and we forget about what we really wanted to do in life.

We come up with excuses as to why we can't do it. The timing is never just right. Our finances are never all together. There is always something else that needs to be done first. So we put it off.

We usually come to realize we are disappointed in our lives when we failed at something or reach a significant landmark. For example, we may have just turned 30 and realize that everything we wanted to achieve at 30 didn't happen. Or we may get fired from a job and realize this was all we had and feel pitiful. 

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Types of People Who Find Themselves Disappointed With Their Lives

The Lazy.

These people don't like hard work. As a matter of fact, they don't really like anything that requires much of any type of work. They are unmotivated and full of excuses and believe there is no reason for them to move forward in life.

The Procrastinator.

They are always waiting for the right moment. The right circumstance to act. They are easily distracted and always get lost in everything else. The Procrastinator can always find a reason why it shouldn't be done. They'll start....tomorrow.

The Pessimist. 

Nothing will work. Nothing will help. "Even if I tried", they say, "it still wouldn't get me where I need to be". They have a negative outlook on life. No one can convince them the glass is half full because it is undeniably without a doubt half empty.

The Vision-less. 

They just can't see it. Something on a grand scale, bigger than themselves is hard for them to see. They have a hard time picturing themselves with a different life. Because they can't imagine life beyond what they've experienced they never experience anything outside of what they already know.

Everyone else.

This happens to the best of us. Especially to those of us, who lose sight of our goals. We don't have anything written down, it's all in our heads. We don't make a plan. So before we know it, our goals fall by the waist side and we find ourselves disappointed that we haven't accomplished what we wanted to accomplish in life.

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One Simple Way to Improve Your Life

There is one simple way to improve your outlook on life: Just work on your goals! 

It's never too late to accomplish the things that you want to accomplish in life, no matter how old. 

I could go on, but I think you get the point: It's not too late! So where do you start on the journey to accomplishing your dreams? Here are 5 steps that you can take to start working your goals now:

Step 1. Make a List of all of your goals

Whatever they are and no matter what others have told you, they are achievable, write them all down. Keep them in a place where you can review them from time to time and cross off the things that you have accomplished.

Step 2. Be realistic

Set a realistic date or time frame in which you can again realistically achieve each goal. You may want to graduate from college in 2 years, but thinking about your schedule (if you work full time) and how many classes you will need to take, is this doable? Remember, you are not late, and just because your peers have accomplished this goal and you haven't doesn't mean you are behind. You are just on a different journey in life. If you want to accomplish a goal you can, just be realistic with yourself.

Step 3. Break your goals down

Break your goals down into smaller goals and set dates for them. This makes your long-term goals more achievable and helps you to track your progress.

Step 4. Work your goals a little bit everyday

Don't let up and don't let distractions or excuses deter you from working on your goals everyday. Even if you only are able to do a small amount of work, over time that small amount of work adds up and moves you forward to achieving your goal. You will feel better knowing you did something, as opposed to doing nothing to get you to where you want to be.

Step 5. Work multiple goals if you can

There is nothing wrong with working multiple goals at once. If you have a lot that you want to do and it's realistic to do it, do it! For example, you could start a business and go back to school. Sounds like a lot, but depending on what the business is (such as an online business) you can do it. Maybe you want to lose weight and pay off your debt. That's reasonable too. Do everything you can do within reason because the more you do, the more satisfied you will be with your life.

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Brendon decided that losing his job created an opportunity for him to start his own business. He spoke with some of his old college friends and they agreed to partner with him. After getting the initial funding he needed from his friends he was able to create a prototype and launch his new idea to potential investors. 

Brendon also started going out more. He decided that he wanted to do more things for himself and started traveling abroad. Gaining more confidence in himself he dumped Brenda, realizing she was only after his money and found the love of his life in Paris. Brendon learned that happiness came by achieving his goals and taking care of himself. This was something that only he could do. 

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